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Amigos EduVenture Tours are for the adventurous traveler
seeking cultural and culinary …. life-changing experiences in Mexico, Central and South America.


Discover And Explore South America On A Budget Here… 
Button_ShellBudget tours for the independent traveler wanting to discover Central and  South America 

Explore the Cuisine, Cultural and History of Mexico Here…

Button_Shell Explore and discover the rich history and cuisine of  Mexico  

Start Your Breath Taking Amazon Journey Right  Here…  
Button_ShellExplore the Amazon River or the Galapagos Islands on a cruise of a lifetime 

Find The Prefect Eco-Friendly Resort Now…  

Button_ShellLooking for a relaxing resort…look no further 

Discover The Cultures  Of Central and South America Here…

Button_Shell   Experience rich history & natural beauty on an escorted tour in Central & South America  


What is an Adventure? 

An adventure is more than just a  journey. An adventure is an opportunity to step out of the familiar and experience something new and exciting. It is about traveling to a new place, trying new things, eating some awesome foods a, meeting  new people and experiencing another culture. Some adventures are near and others are far. Adventures can be a cooking class in another country, volunteering, visiting another country in the comfort f a tour bus experiencing the newness of someplace different. An adventure is something you own and define.

What ever you decide your adventure to be,  you will also walk away a different person. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but participating in another’s culture will add a new and different perspective to your life. A gift that is given to you and cannot be stated in words; but only felt.

Market Line

As you participate on one of our destinations, you will get to see and experience the country you are visiting the way that you want to. As a travel arranger, I work with specific tour companies, and together we are able to offer you many unique and special vacations. Would you like an all-inclusive tour which takes the worries out of travel and  allows you the freedom to enjoy your trip? How about a budget trip with all the benefits of an all-inclusive tour but more freedom to explore on your own?  And if you want to relax on a beach in Mexico; look no further we have a resort for you! Or  how about a river cruise down the Amazon, to the Galapagos Islands or a cruise exploring Costa Rica and the Panama Canal? You name the destination or the sights you want to see and I  will find for you an adventure that is just right for you…

So, what are you waiting for? How many years have you dreaming of that vacation and putting it off until next year?  I say, stop dreaming and let’s make it happen now!


 Our Philosophy

….is to provide you with vacations that offer you the most opportunities to explore, learn and participate in the culture you are visiting while promoting sustainable tourism. 

Not only does your participation leave you with a rewarding experience, but it also makes a difference as well.   1% of all profit of all   Amigos tours will be  go to “Freedom Services Dogs.” A program that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs and custom training them for individual client needs.
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At Amigos, we like to say, “Why just see the world, when you can participate in it…..” So come and participate with us and create unforgettable memories.