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Culturlingua; Tlaquepaque, Mexico

Located on the outskirts of Guadalajara is the city of Tlaquepaque there is a jewel of a city famous for its pottery, blown glass and Mariachis. I found the city when I was searching the web looking for a Spanish school in Guadalajara. For days I looked but I could not find any schools or programs that excited and interested me. However, in my search, I stumbled across a school called “Culturlingua” located in the city of Tlaquepaque. There were a few things that stood, but what really caught my eye was that all the classes are one to one. After doing some research about the school and its location, I found out that I would be able to visit the city of Guadalajara by bus since both cites were connected and it would take no longer then a ½ hr. to get there. What a win! I get to visit Guadalajara and enjoy all the city has to offer without having to live in such a big city. Also, I love to travel on buses and have the opportunity to practice my Spanish and meet people; so another great factor in my decision. I emailed the school with my details and in no time got a response from the program director Greg Davies. Up until my arrival in Mexico, during my travels and prior to arriving at the school, we were in consistent contact regarding my arrival and my home stay with Sra.Claudia. So after a week in Guanajuato, off I went.

As I traveled through the town by taxi from the Central Bus station and watching the city pass by, I got more excited about my stay there.. Before my eyes was a beautiful magical artesian city that still maintained it’s colonially charm: even as the city of Guadalajara was right next door. At that moment, I knew that I made the right decision. I was welcomed by Sra, Claudia, who was waiting for me to arrive and immediately welcomed into her home. I did not stay long. I was eager to explore and learn about what the city had to offer. Just a few blocks from my new home, I stumbled upon the most magical site; the main square. The square is called El Parian and was alive with food carts, people, music and the most amazing energy. High above was the famous Voladores of Veracruz entertaining those below with their magical dance known as the Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers). As I continued to explore more, I uncovered the “Plaza de mariachis” filled with restaurants encircling a gazebo where live Mariachi bands played. Their voices filled the air with their passionate music. I wanted to see more, but instead I ordered a michaelada, put up my feet, smiled , sat back and enjoyed the experience and music. A truly magical moment!

I did not want my first day to end. The next day I woke to a traditional Mexican breakfast prepared by Sra. Claudia and after some Spanish conversation, off I went to Spanish class. It was easy to find the school, but so many things to see slowed me down. I had to stop along the way for fresh mangos and juice from one of the street vendors along the way. After some more exploring and some fresh rolls; I finally made it to school. Waiting for me was my teacher eager to start teaching. I had two teachers; one for the first 2 hours of class and another for the second half of class. Both worked supporting and teaching me patiently as I fumbled my way through new grammar and vocabulary. Each lesson built upon the last and even though I had two teachers, everything I need to learn was offered and the classes flowed smoothly. I really enjoyed the one on one attention and was able to learn a lot more Spanish in a shorter time then I would have if I was in a group. Each class and lesson was taught differently by my teachers and they made the lessons challenging and fun. Before I knew it my 4 hour class flew by and I was back on the streets exploring, practicing my Spanish and meeting the most amazing people. And let’s not forget eating the most amazing street foods. Each city or region in Mexico has a culinary delight they are famous for and Tlaquepaque it was no different. This region of Mexico is known for the “Torta Ahogada.” What a sandwich it is and it was served like no ordinary sandwich! This baby is submerged in a red in a sauce made of chili pepper called ”chile de arbol.” Each bite was an explosion of taste and pure delight. I could not get enough!!

So, If you are looking for an exciting place to learn Spanish with another true Mexican experience close to Guadalajara, then I recommend Tlaquepaque and the Culturlingua school!

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